Terms & Conditions Of Use

1. The Terms

1.1 The service and website http://www.realinsights.com.au and related services (research, listing and otherwise the Service('s)) provided over realinsights.com.au website including all domains and sub domains (collectively referred to as the Website) and all other communication means are owned and operated by Real Insights Pty Ltd ABN: 30 614 283 224 ('SOps'). Any reference to “we”, “us” and “our” in these Terms and Conditions refers to Real Insights Pty Ltd ('SOps').
1.2 The following terms form the Terms and Conditions for use of the Website and the terms of your relationship with SOps.
1.3 Terms and Conditions below define your agreement in using the Website, you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions. If you do not accept these Terms and Conditions, you must not continue to use the Website, delete any information downloaded or emailed onto any device or printed .
1.4 These Terms & Conditions apply whenever you access the website our service, emails, communication or utilise the services in any way or on any type of device.
1.5 Terms and Conditions will change when deemed necessary by SOps. The revised Terms and Conditions will take effect upon notice thereof and updated on the website. You are required when using the site to stay up to date and informed of such changes.


2 The Service

2.1 You must provide your contact details with SOps in order to make use of the Services offered by the website.
2.2 Use of our service is free for home owners on the condition of the following: all information you provide us with is complete and accurate; all information you provide is the property of SOps and we are under no obligation to remove or delete under any circumstance for as long as the company is in operation.
2.3 SOps reserves the right to verify all information you provided to provide a quality service and may contact you by sms, smart phone application phone call or email to verify that your information is accurate.
2.4 SOps my at any point cancel the service to any individual at the discretion of SOps and without notice including but not limited to breaching the terms of use, harming others, breaking laws and or providing false information.
2.5 You are required to provide personal information and information related to the property you wish to sell.
2.6 All information you provide must be correct, accurate and honest to the best of your knowledge.
2.7 SOps will use this information to select certain real estate agents who, in SOps’s opinion has the best performance and ability to effectively facilitate the sale of your property.
2.8 You agree that SOps may provide details of your provided information to more than one real estate agents and discuss your property in the interest of facilitating the sale of the property.
2.9 SOps will provide you with data, analysis and research on real estate agents based on your specific property (analysis, data, referred agents, calculations and any other intellectual property provided shall be at the sole discretion of SOps), after which you may decide, at your own discretion and under your own advice which real estate agent to interview contract with in respect of facilitating the sale or rental of your property.
2.10 You acknowledge and agree that SOps's selection of real estate is the opinion of SOps, based on data and research SOps collates from various partners and sources and, as such, SOps has no responsibility, liability nor obligation in respect of your selection of a real estate agent nor any outcome obtained or failure to obtain with regards to the sale of your property.
2.11 You understand and agree that SOps will change the Real Estate agent a referral fee and that you have NO financial or monitory liability to SOps for the referral service.
2.12 You agree to indemnify SOps against any claim with regards to the correctness of fit or performance of the Agent you choose. That you make the choice of Agent appropriateness under your own volition with all responsibility and outcome of the sale, listing and process your own.
2.13 You acknowledge that our referral and recommendation are done so under good faith that SOps provides said information only, for your own decision making. You acknowledge that any and all use of our service is at your own risk.
2.14 SOps operates independently and are not associated financially with any Agency except in providing the service described. SOps are not in any way a real estate agent and do not provide the service of listing or renting a real estate. Any arrangement or transaction between you and the agent are independent and your decision your own at your own risk.
2.15 SOps provides information on a best effort basis and although every effort is taken to ensure data and information is correct, relevant, accurate and un-interrupted SOps holds no liability as permitted under the law.
2.16 Any opinion expressed on SOps's web site by 3rd Parties are that of those 3rd parties and you agree to not hold SOps liable in any way for such opinions.
2.17 SOps are not involved in nor liable for implementing, monitoring, enforcing any agreement made between the vendor and any real estate agent.
2.18 You acknowledge the SOps website and service may contain information provided, uploaded and or posted by 3rd Parties.
2.19 SOps reserves the exclusive right, in relation to our website to review, add, modify or delete any content at our discretion where we see fit.
2.20 You agree and understand that using our site all and any content, posts, information uploaded, posted or otherwise shared or communicate are public and may be visible via any number of means. You also agree that the above are done at your own risk and responsibility. SOps holds no liability for any information you share by any means with SOps or the website.
2.21 You agree that SOps does not guarantee the internet connection, site performance, hosting, links, software, site, emails or anything else owned, used or provided by SOps are virus, bug or free from other errors.
2.22 That you give full rights to use the information and content you will provide in use of the service including contact information.
2.23 You agree to provide truthful content that you are responsible for and have full rights to.
2.24 That said content is not infringing on others intellectual property or rights nor affecting others.
2.25 That the content and or information provide by you do not beak any law or these terms and conditions of use.
2.26 Any and all intellectual property on the Website, in communication and the content on the Website (including the calculations, agent ranking, ranking concept, software, code, design(s), text, data, icons, logos, video(s), copyrights, trademarks, concepts sound recordings and graphics comprised in the Website) (“Intellectual Property”) belongs to SOps and may not be reproduced, used, saved or reported on without prior agreement. You may contact us via the web site communication methods described in contact us.
2.27 SOps retain all rights, title, and interest in and to the Website and all related content and Intellectual Property. Under no circumstances will SOps transfer or give any part of these rights or intellectual property or otherwise, to you, or license or allow use of to you any such rights unless stated otherwise in the terms of use (this document).
2.28 Under no circumstances is the content of the site, reports, calculations, rankings or any part of the site to be reproduced, shared or reproduced in its entirety by any communication type unless otherwise agreed in writing.
2.29 You agree by using this site in any way not to do anything that interferes, damages, slows down, steals data, downloads data outside intended service design, with or breaches the intellectual property rights. You agree not to decompile, hack, copy, modify, create a derivative work, reverse engineer, reverse assemble, attempt to discover the source code, interfere with the continued use and function of the site, sell, assign, or otherwise transfer any content on the Website.
2.30 You may not under any circumstance licence in any form the site or its content to other parties or transfer your rights to a 3rd party.
2.31 You may download, receive and keep communications, share communications, and view content or print a copy of material on the Website for personal, non-commercial use,
2.32 All downloaded, printed and retained data and information digital or otherwise may not be modified in its entirety (including calculations, ranking data and any portion or content).
2.33 You indemnify SOps, anybody, employee, agent, agency, affiliate supplier or third party against all damages, legal fees and other expenses that may be incurred by SOps as a result of a breach of the above terms and conditions, use of the site and or service. You acknowledge that your access our site, communications and service at your own risk.
2.34 SOps collects information for the purpose of use with 3rd parties and internally. You acknowledge that we will share these details with others in relation to providing this service and other services alike.
2.35 All terms and conditions remain in effect and are applicable even if we selectively enforce any part of the terms and conditions.
2.36 All 3rd Parties are required to keep provided information private and confidential except where by law they are required to share.
2.37 These Terms and Conditions will continue even after the service have been completed and or terminated.
2.38 The enclosed Terms and Conditions are governed by the laws of the New South Wales, Australia, ONLY and you submit to their jurisdiction.
2.39 These terms and conditions are the only agreement between SOps and yourself. These terms and conditions supersede any and all other communications. You agree that this is the sole agreement.
2.40 If any term or condition in this Terms and Conditions are found to be unlawful the remaining terms and conditions remain in place regardless.